About Adelante

Adelante is a health-care group based in South Limburg - at the heart of the Euregion - which provides general specialist and quality clinical rehabilitation and audiological care, special needs education, independent living and occupational rehabilitation.


Patients come to Adelante because they have a disability, whether it be temporary of permanent. As part of our health-care provision, whilst we recognise problems, our efforts - and those of the patient - focus primarily on the chances and opportunities open to them, that is, what is still possible. How do we best harness the capabilities of individuals in furthering their needs?

Adelante’s care provision is all about perseverance, never giving up. We challenge our patients to push back their boundaries to order to maximise their independence and encourage an active, healthy lifestyle in the future.

Around 1100 professionals provide support to adults and children recovering from the effects of a illness, congenital disorder or an accident.

Our mission

Adelante helps children and adults who are faced with the effects of an illness, disorder or accident in regaining their functionalities and social participation.

Our vision

‘Adelante’ in Spanish means ‘to go forward’. In the health-care we offer, the patient, employee and organisation alike are motivated to get the best out of themselves! The needs of our patients and their nearest and dearest lie at the heart of our philosophy. We apply all the necessary expertise to achieve the best possible results, both for and with the patient, and in collaboration with our supply-chain partners. Our centre of expertise, together with our health-care and educational partners, works towards constantly improving and modernising our range of care and services.

In its work, Adelante adopts an all-round, patient-based approach, where diagnostics, treatment and advice - alongside the physical aspects - also concentrate on psychological and social aspects. Attention focuses on facets of everyday life, such as work, family, social contacts, hobbies and education. As part of the treatment, individuals are given the chance to take control of their lives.

Our core values

The core values on which support is given to Adelante patients - young and old alike - are: collaboration, expertise and innovation. We are continually pushing back the frontiers into other areas of specialist health-care and into regions beyond. We are expanding our package of products in what is quite a complex health-care market. We invest in collaboration. And we look upon our relationship with our partners as a network, in which the intensity of the relationship is interwoven with the intensity of the referral flows.